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The Eight Things Dads Can Do To During A Meltdown

Meltdowns are tough.  As Dads, we experience a surge of adrenalin and anxiety when our child has a meltdown.

As a follow-up to Podcast #2, “Five Things Dads can do to Avoid a Meltdown”, Paul Carroll reviews the 8 things Dads can do during a meltdown.


In this episode, Paul reviews the 8 things Dads can do during a meltdown:

  1. Acknowledge your own physiological reactions 

  2. Look for an escape room, retreat, neutral area 

  3. Use code words with your spouse, partner, and children to communicate your child is having a meltdown.  

  4. Leverage any items that promote positive sensory input

  5. Remove /silence any environmental inputs or distractors 

  6. Avoid/remove any additional sensory inputs, even after the meltdown is over 

  7. Avoid trying to reason, argue, or threaten punishment – this does not work and never will 

  8. It’s okay to remove yourself

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