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  • How to Respond to a Child Having a Meltdown

  • Steps to Take as a Father to Avoid a Meltdown

  • Creating Personal Purpose Statements as a Father

  • How to Respond to Family and Friends When They Make Comments About Your Child

  • Building Your Inner Resiliency 

Paul Carroll has 20 years of experience as a public speaker across his Talent Development career. He is able to offer workshops on a variety of topics, some of which are highlighted below. Click "Contact Us" to secure Paul as your guest speaker at your next event.  


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About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a non-descript man with only one unique attribute – he is a father to a remarkable son on the spectrum - Vaughn. Please check out the anecdotes on this web site to see how he’s stumbled, improvised, and ultimately learned the most valuable lessons from his remarkable son - a young boy with gifts that go beyond the limitations of his falling on the spectrum of autism.

When he’s not actively being a Dad, Paul works for a Fortune 10 company in leadership and organizational development. He has also taught at several local universities in the Rhode Island area.  Follow him at

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