Dads of autistic children


– this one’s for you!

In this 3 minutes introductory episode, Paul Carroll,

Founder & Creator of Autism Dadvocate launches his first podcast with an overview

of his work and podcast.


In the episode, Paul Carroll, Founder & Creator of AutismDadvocate is going deep, asking fathers to reflect and journal on the questions below.  

Some of the questions are uncomfortable, some are insightful, but all of them are designed to spark new modes of thinking for these amazing Dads.

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In his most confessional episode, Paul goes deep into a taboo subject - the epidemic of loneliness, disconnectedness, and isolation experienced by fathers of autistic kids.

Paul discusses why this issue is so pervasive, and the health consequences (both physical and mental) of disconnectedness. You don't want to miss this one!


Meltdowns are rough. 


As Dads, we will do anything – ANYTHING to avoid a meltdown, particularly in a public place.  

So……….is there anything we can do?  The answer is…………YES!


The holidays can be rough – buying gifts, making holiday meals, and visiting with friendly and family in a pandemic environment – can all put stressors on our kids.  But for us Dads, one of the hardest parts is hearing the “armchair commentary” about how to raise our children on the spectrum from well-intended but deeply misguided relatives.

kim evensen, the real bro code, brothers

In this podcast, Paul interviews Kim Evensen, CEO & Founder of Brothers, and the author of two books on male friendship:  “Brothers” and “The Real Bro Code”.  This episode is a follow-up to Paul’s prior podcast “The Epidemic of Loneliness with Dads of Autistic KIds” 


Meltdowns are tough.  As Dads, we experience a surge of adrenalin and anxiety when our child has a meltdown.


As a follow-up to Podcast #2, “Five Things Dads can do to Avoid a Meltdown”, Paul Carroll reviews the 8 things Dads can do during a meltdown.

Blue Line image.jpg

In this episode, Paul interviews Stefan Bjes, Founder & Creator of Blue Line Spectrum Safety, an organization dedicated to training first responders on how to identify and engage those with an autism spectrum disorder. 

Stefan is a police officer serving in the greater Chicago area.  He is also the father of two amazing sons on the spectrum.

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