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What Dads of Autistic Kids Need to Know About Police Safety

In this episode, Paul interviews Stefan Bjes, Founder & Creator of Blue Line Spectrum Safety, an organization dedicated to training first responders on how to identify and engage those with autism spectrum disorder. 


Stefan is a police officer serving in the greater Chicago area.  He is also the father of two amazing sons on the spectrum.


In this episode, Paul interviews Stefan and they review the following:

  • His own journey as the Dad of two sons, each with their own unique qualities

  • An overview of Blue Line Spectrum safety, its mission and purpose

  • How first responders are trained to engage with adults and children on the spectrum


Stefan debunks the myth that police officers may not understand the unique challenges of raising an ASD child, particularly in the areas of a wandering or lost child.


Lastly, since Paul and Stefan are both Dads, listeners may occasionally hear their kids in the background audio :)

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