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How Dads of Autistic Kids Can Forge Connections and Friendships

In this podcast, Paul interviews Kim Evensen, CEO & Founder of Brothers, and the author of two books on male friendship:  “Brothers” and “The Real Bro Code”.  This episode is a follow-up to Paul’s prior podcast “The Epidemic of Loneliness with Dads of Autistic KIds” 


Together, they discuss the following:

  • Why is this topic important for men?  (and it is…)

  • Why do strong friendships matter, particularly for mental health?

  • What gets in the way of male friendships?

  • Why do men tend to diminish friendships when they become a Dad?

  • Tips on what you as Dads can do to forge meaningful connections


Kim is the CEO and Founder of Brothers, Inc.  He has previously studied leadership for three years and is emerging as a subject matter expert on male friendship and connection.  He is also an author, and has published two books  The Real Bro Code (2020) and Brothers (2019)

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