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From Struggle to Triumph: One Mother’s Journey

Need a little inspiration?  Then, listen to the compelling story of Debra Vines, who was introduced by Holly Robinson Peete as a 2022 Top 10 CNN Hero at the CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute last December.


Debra shares her personal journey as the Mom of an autistic son, which includes isolation, mental health challenges, addiction, and even incarceration.


Paul and Debra discuss the following:

  • Debra’s personal journey as the mother of as an ASD son

  • Her struggles with obtaining therapies for her son, and the impact on her mental health & well-being

  • The creation and mission of

  • Deb’s personal observations – are there differences in the experience of Moms raising ASD kids, versus Dads?

  • Deb’s creation of ”Just for Men” a support group for fathers of children with autism, and what we’re planning for Autism Awareness month in April

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