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How Hollywood is changing the
Narrative on Depictions of Autism

In this episode, Paul interviews Rachel and Laura Doukas, two screenwriters who are the screenwriters / producers of the film - “The Ryan Express”


The Ryan Express is a film about Robby, an autistic sixth-grader, who can only move forward in his life by inventing a time machine to travel back and fix his biggest mistake.  The film will star Kevin Sorbo and feature a surprise cameo from legendary baseball pitcher, Nolan Ryan.


They discuss the following:

  • Hollywood’s past depictions of autism in film and television

  • How Rachael and Laura came to write the screenplay for The Ryan Express

  • Production and casting for “The Ryan Express”

  • Future release date for “The Ryan Express” and how the autism community can view this indie film


Link to The Ryan Express movie web site is here, The Ryan Express

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