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The Journey of a Father …with Rodney Peete

Each journey of the father of an ASD child is unique.  Yet, there are so many valuable lessons to be learned from other Dads - the struggles, the confusion, the everyday miracles, and most importantly - the precious insights learned along that journey.


In this podcast, Paul interviews Rodney Peete, NFL star and co-founder of the HollyRod Foundation with his wife, Holly.   They share their unique (and common) experiences raising an autistic son.


Rodney and Paul discuss the following:

  • Some early indicators that showed that their child was “different”

  • Hurdles that Dads (and Moms) face getting a successful diagnosis

  • Unique challenges fathers face raising a child on the spectrum

  • Common myths and stereotypes associated with autistic children (and what we can do about dipelling these stereotypes)

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