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How to Use this Autism Parent Support Site

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

My intention in developing this web site is to create a forum for fathers of autistic children to share experiences, in the hopes that other fathers see themselves in my own stories.   My personal belief is that parents who have children on the spectrum experience a phenomenon I describe as “a shrunken world”.  In other words, your world tends to shrink and revolve solely around your child.   For fathers in particular, this isolation can be detrimental and creates a lot of confusion (for me at any rate).  Am I doing the right thing?  Who can I turn to support?  Should I be doing more?  Why do I stumble so frequently?

I recently participated in a transformational weekend in NY with wejunto, an awareness experience for men led by Andrew  A big theme of this weekend was the idea of “shared experience”.  By sharing your own unique experience, and yes - even being vulnerable – you may be able to help others who themselves in your situation.  From my own perspective, I tend to think “oh, this is only happening to me”, when in truth, others have experienced it as well.

Please feel free to read my stories, read my blog, and comment on your own experiences as a father.  My intention is to upload new stories every few weeks, as I continue on this amazing journey.   Please join me.


Apr 03, 2020

Thank you for sharing. Would love to follow you on this journey.


Tim Oswald
Tim Oswald
Jul 16, 2019

Very inspirational!

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