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  • pacarroll99

The Power of (Incremental) Progress

I stand in amazement at how much you teach me about the power of incremental progress

How step by step, we move forward with glacial progress, subtle yet noticeable after time

Looking back allows me to look forward…….to all the great things that await the two of us

Was it just yesterday? (or the week before? or the month before?) that you would leave the car door wide open, the house door wide open, and now all doors are shut.

When you would have a meltdown after any sudden noise - a vacuum cleaner, a food processor, the hand dryers at a restaurant - the shock of the noise setting you off. And now, I just need to give you a heads-up and you are fine.

When you would panic losing the TV remote, and now you look for it - and find it! - all on your own - (though you still lose it often)

When you would throw your school uniform in a pile at the bottom of the stairs after school, and now put them in the hamper in your bedroom

When you would have a meltdown after a Patriots loss, and now we enjoy a full afternoon of NFL Red Zone, relaxed and chatting the whole time like old friends…..

When I would needle you to start your homework, and now you do it all on your own, and I flush in amazement as you finish the Lord of the Flies essay --- working steadfastly until 8:30 pm.

When you would talk over me, interrupt me, grab the phone from me, and now you say “Daddy, I have a question….”

When I would order for you at restaurants, and now you tell the waitress exactly what you want, looking her right in the eye, and oh so polite!....

You make breakfast all by yourself, you make lunch all by yourself, you tie your own shoelaces (okay, they’re still a total mess - but it’s not how they look, right?)

When you learned the rules of chess, when you lost at chess and would laugh, and now you win at chess, and laugh & laugh & laugh at your Dad when you corner my King…..

When I would hold you down with all my strength at the doctor’s office for your flu shot, your tetanus shot, your measles shot…...and now you tell me with an eagerness in your eye “I can’t wait to get my COVID shot! Pfizer or Moderna… doesn’t matter to me, Daddy!”

The future is looking bright….what new progress will you show me in 2021?....the hidden miracles I need only look for past the glacier….


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