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So…….Your son or daughter has been diagnosed with autism.  Now what?............  

So…….Your son or daughter has been diagnosed with autism.  Now what?............  On top of the swirl of emotions you’re feeling, there are a multitude of decisions to make – specialists to meet with, therapies to pursue, leaving most Dads feeling overwhelmed and confused.


In this podcast, Paul interviews autism Dad -- Justin Nahama.  Justin provides a unique perspective to our community based on his career as a Marine veteran, former federal prosecutor, business attorney, and strategic advisor to mental-health leaders such as Deepak Chopra and foundations who serve the Navy SEAL and special operations community.   In addition to currently serving as Deepak Chopra's COO, Justin founded the company NuroLux, an organization dedicated to empower families impacted by autism and the professionals supporting them.    He is not only the parent of an ASD son, but experienced the paralysis many of us Dads face after our child’s diagnosis, leading to his creation of Nurolux.  Justin goes deep into his personal and transformational journey as the father of an ASD son.

Paul and Justin discuss the following:


  • Justin’s reaction to his son’s diagnosis and Justin's mental-health challenges while supporting his son.

  • Things Justin wished he knew earlier based on his battles with insurance providers, school districts, and other professionals during his journey

  • Powerful mental-health perspectives for Dads based on lessons learned from Justin's work with Deepak Chopra and the Navy SEAL community.   

  • The catalysts in Justin’s life that led to his vision for Nurolux

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