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What Dads of autistic kids need to hear about marital strain and healthy dialogue

75-80% of marriages with an autistic child end in separation or divorce.  This often-cited statistic (though open to dispute) is unacceptable.

In this podcast episode, Paul engages in a lively and organic conversation with a panel of professionals on this topic, including Jeremy Hamburgh and Ilana Smith of, as well as Dr. Stephanie Holmes, a NeuroDiverse Marriage Specialist.


The panel discusses the following:

  • The phenomena of martial strain, separation, and divorce within the autism community (why is it so prevalent in our community?)

  • The most common areas of strife with married couples of autistic children

  • What Dads need to know about maintain healthy constructive dialogue with their wives/partners

  • Where Dads can find additional resources on this topic

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